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How do kids benefit from Wee Got The Beat?

mom and girls While the main purpose of Wee Got The Beat! is simply to enjoy exploring and making music together in a flexible, nurturing, child-centered environment, young children at all stages benefit in other ways as well.

baby strumming guitar Babies benefit from rich sensory stimulation - the textures and timbres of various instruments, the bright colors of scarves swinging rhythmically around the room, and the sound of Mama's singing (it doesn't matter if you can carry a tune - your baby just loves hearing your voice!) Rocking and dancing with your baby helps her develop and internalize a sense of rhythm. Babies also love to observe older children. They learn about language and movement by watching and imitating the "big kids."

Toddlers love to experiment with the instruments. When a toddler shakes a maraca or uses a mallet to tap on a drum, he is exploring cause and effect relationships, as well as practicing fine motor skills. Toddlers benefit from opportunities to practice sharing and taking turns, as well as interacting with other children. The songs and activities foster skills such as listening and following simple directions, as well as reinforcing concepts such as colors, numbers, body parts, etc.

toddler with bells

preschoolers with parachute Preschoolers are energetic little people! They need to move, so gross motor activities are incorporated to encourage them to jump, gallop, crawl, roll, etc. These activities also nurture valuable skills such as listening and following directions in a fun and motivating way. As the children are encouraged to respond creatively to songs such as "Old McDonald Had a Pizza", and through pretend play and dramatizations (imagine a roomful of children pretending to be carousel horses come to life!) preschoolers also benefit by learning basic musical skills and concepts such as loud/soft, starting/stopping on cue, etc.

Of course every child is unique. All children are encouraged to participate in whatever way is comfortable and natural to them. Some children will sit quietly and observe (and later sing all the songs at home!) Others will spontaneously dance around the room. All responses - so long as they are respectful - are welcomed.

Madeline, my husband, and I have really been enjoying your class very much. Dan said today, it's such a great way to spend his lunch break. We particularly enjoy how interactive the class is, how you intergrate seasons and other current events, and how there's a lot of movement.

- Elise

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